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PicMonkey is one of my favorite online tools for image editing and creating easy graphics for website projects and social media. On their blog, they feature an article, Create a Brand Color Palette, which is a simple tutorial about color palettes. The article covers the psychology of color, choosing colors using the color wheel and creating a color palette from a picture. It is a great tool to use when I work on websites for clients who are unsure about the colors they want to use for their new website.

How to choose colors from a picture

Color code for the breakfast table color palette:
Blueberries – #3C4554 | Sliced oranges – #FAAE06 | Kiwifruit – #97A325 | Coffee – #965D26

Steps for grabbing colors from a photo: 

  1. In the PicMonkey editor, click the Templates tab in the blue column.
  2. Type “color palette” in the search box and choose a design.
  3. Click the photo in the design to select it.
  4. In the Graphics palette that appears to the side, click the Replace button, and choose your photo from wherever it’s stored.
  5. Click one of the color swatches featured in the design. In the Graphics palette, click the color dot at the top to open the color picking tools.
  6. Click the eyedropper, and hover over the color in your photo you want to show in your color swatch. Click again, and the color you clicked replaces the swatch color.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the other color swatches in the design.

Note that the hex code appears in the box next to the color dot when you move the eyedropper over colors. It’s a good idea to include the hex code for each color in your palette. That way, you can always ensure everyone uses the correct colors when they create assets. 

Source: Create a Brand Color Pallete

Here’s another color palette example.

Once you get started, the color combinations are endless. This is a welcome resource for website design and would also be useful for creating your own swatch of color for home decorating.

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