Create a companion blog for your Etsy shop


Create a blog to promote your products and services outside of the Etsy marketplace.

Etsy is useful for launching, growing, and running your business; however, a seller who is serious about their handmade business should eventually set up an e-commerce shop on their own website. The ultimate goal is to seamlessly integrate your online shop and blog on a single website. This will give you complete control and autonomy over your product or service. If this is not your goal already, make it one.

When you create a blog, it gives you an online home to call your own. A blog can be an informative and creative outlet to promote your products or services. In addition, it is an engaging way to connect with your readers and potential customers.

Follow two quick steps to create a blog:

Step One: Buy a domain name

  • If you are unable to secure a domain that matches your business name (e.g.,, consider using variations such as or before buying a domain with a .net, .org, or .biz option.
  • Be creative!

Step Two: Register for a blog using

  • This option is recommended only if you are not ready to start a self-hosted website at this time.
  • Choose the option to buy a domain name when you sign up on Another option is to buy a domain from and map it to
  • Recommendation – choose the Personal option that includes a custom domain name.
  • Once registered, follow the tutorials to choose a theme and learn the basics of managing your new website.
  • Create new pages related to your business. This will give you the framework for when you are ready to upgrade to a self-hosted website.
  • Done. Happy blogging!

Feeling a bit ambitious and ready to make a leap to a self-hosted website and/or e-commerce shop? Send a message and let Plan In Action Web Services help you get started.

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