Coworking Space & mental Health Awareness Website

Mental Massage Therapeutic Suite, L.L.C. is a mental health awareness organization located in Baltimore, MD. The primary goal is to bring traditional and holistic mental health treatment together under one roof to help adults and children through their challenges.

I was approached by the owner, Letisha Harley, to help create a website to introduce her new initiative. The purpose of the website is threefold: promote the upcoming coworking space; request volunteers for peer support programs, and share mental health awareness information.

  • The Coworking Space page is for promotional purposes only. It includes high-level information about the upcoming coworking space, frequently asked questions, an inquiry form to gauge interest, and resource articles.
  • The Peer Support Volunteers page is informational. It includes an overview of peer support services and a volunteer inquiry form to start vetting volunteers to lead programs created by the organization.
  • The Mental Health Awareness page is a portal for mental health articles/blogs, resources, and support.

Our goal was to present the information clearly to not confuse the visitors about the purpose of the website. Given the unique business model and requirements, we decided to set up the website in two phases.

Phase Approach

Phase One: Create a multi-page informational website with introductory pages for the coworking space and peer support volunteers. Each page includes a link to an inquiry form. The blog is informative and promotes reader engagement. Additionally, the private support group on Facebook is referenced in the mental health blog posts. The blog allows for the promotion of services and mental health awareness until the coworking space and the peer support services are fully operational.

Phase Two: The full website build. Expand the coworking space page with detail (location, workspace specs, photos, and plans & pricing) and expand the details about the peer support programs.


  • Complete website development (hosting & domain setup, WordPress install, responsive website design, and plugin configuration).
  • Content creation with on-page SEO.
  • Create two questionnaires on Google forms.
  • Opt-in email (mailing list and sign-up form).
  • Social media account integration.
  • Ad hoc support and maintenance when requested.

Launch: July 2022

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