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Six Reasons to Invest in a Small Business Website

Your business is not too small or too new to have its own website.

Unfortunately, more than 20 percent of small business companies do not possess a website. These small business companies are losing out on business and visibility that could make all the difference in the business growth and success. Having an online presence with a small business website is an important and critical part of small business marketing endeavors. Here are six reasons to invest in a small business website.

  1. Introduce your business to potential customers
  2. Educate your current customers about products or services they may not be familiar with
  3. Showcase your product or service and how it can benefit the customer
  4. Provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Receive immediate and invaluable customer feedback
  6. Leverage the internet by using social media, email marketing, and blogging to promote your business to your local community or globally

A website is essential to your small business marketing, profitability, and overall success. Plan In Action Web Services specializes in creating websites for solopreneurs and small business owners. Get in touch today for help creating a business website you need.

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