Online Retailer of Handcrafted Perfumes

The owner of Sweet Nothings Perfumery, a Maryland-based online retailer of handcrafted perfumes, requested an e-commerce solution that prioritizes product presentation and streamlines the customer journey. To meet the client’s goals, we focused on the following requirements:

  • Provide a platform to effectively showcase products, allowing customers to easily browse collections, learn about unique scents, and discover product details.
  • Create an intuitive interface that facilitates a smooth customer journey from product discovery and navigation to checkout.
  • Implement WooCommerce as the e-commerce platform due to its scalability and well-documented API. This would allow for future integrations and customizations as the business grows.

Create Brand Loyalty

As a new online retailer, the owner asked to create a rewards program to incentivize customers and build brand loyalty. After some research, we chose the premium WPLoyalty plugin for WooCommerce. The WPLoyalty plugin enables intuitive campaigns and rewards that are simple to set up. The new customer loyalty program, Sweet Rewards, focuses on customer engagement. The more customers engage by completing specific actions on the website, the more points they will earn to redeem for discounts and free products.

Sweet Nothings Perfumery is an online retailer website created by Plan In Action Web Services. Website development, design and on-page SEO.

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  • Website development (hosting & domain setup, WordPress installation, responsive website design, and plugin configuration).
  • WooCommerce shop installation and configuration (setting up products, tax, checkout, shipping, accounts, and email requirements).
  • Add premium plugins to add functionality (WooCommerce Product Filters and Points & Rewards for WooCommerce)
  • Create multiple pages for doing business, content development, and add product listings.
  • On-page search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Implement and connect to Google Analytics via Site Kit.
  • Set up a new Mailchimp account and connect to the WooCommerce shop. Create signup forms and email templates.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance.

Launch: Sweet Nothings Perfumery (

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