Anthony O. Wells, Ph.D.

Anthony O. Wells Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist Website

Anthony O. Wells, Ph.D. is licensed to practice clinical psychology in the Commonwealth of Virginia. His practice focuses on individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults in addition to family therapy services. Dr. Wells requested a minimal design and well-organized website that would highlight his background, services, and medical practice information to potential clients in a professional manner.


  • Client: Anthony O. Wells, Ph.D.
  • Industry: Clinical Psychologist
  • Features: Responsive web design, SEO
  • Launch Date: August 2016
  • Website:


  • Recommended a web hosting plan.
  • New website development (domain setup, WordPress installation, and plugin configuration).
  • Imported existing content from the old website to the new website; content development.
  • Custom responsive website design.
  • Search engine optimization; setup website backup schedule.
  • Convert client intake forms to PDF and upload for client access.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance as needed.

Update June 2021

  • Upgraded to a new theme designed to work seamlessly with Gutenberg blocks. It improves site performance and minimizes the number of plugins to run the site with full functionality.
  • Converted PDF forms to fillable PDF forms to simplify ease of use for clients.
  • Changed security plugin with advanced features and added reCaptcha to login page and forms to eliminate spam.
  • Switched backup plugin to allow for automated backups and offsite storage.
  • Refined on-page SEO.

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